My First Chesapeake and a truly wonderful dog!
Chelsea was a littermate sister to
CH Quail Run's Bear Cub MH
Pictured left Chelsea, right Bear

CH QuailRidge's Tecumseh Sherman

Sherman in the Blind
Bred by Debra Wiley Cuevas - QuailRidge

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Below some of QuailRidge's "HOT" Dogs!

CH QuailRidge's Goose
CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger
x CH QuailRidge's Bombs Away!

Goose (as in wingman) is pictured here at 23 Months when he started showing, going BOS and BOW for a 3 pt major! Shown by his Owner/Handler Bryan Porter, bred by Debra, QuailRidge. DM Normal

Goose's Winning Record
"Grand" CH QuailRidge's Against the Wind "Scooter"
CH QuailRidge's Cry Me A River
x CH QuailRidge's CA Galeforce Wind

Scooter gets an Award of Merit at the Eukanuba Invitational 12/2013! Now with his clearances and standing at stud! Scooter became a Champion at 10 months, after a 5 month break from showing, he went BOB - Group 4! At 6 months his first show, Scooter earned 2- 4pt majors at the Golden Gate KC - ACC Supported Show. Scooter went on to get a Puppy Group 3!

Bred, Shown, and Handled by Debra/QuailRidge.
Scooter's Winning Record
Scooter's Pedigree
Scooter's OFA/CERF/

CH QuailRidge's Just Bad E Nov "Boris"
CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger
x Bronze GCH QuailRidge's Windy River

Boris is pictured here a New Champion at 17 months! Golden Gate KC - ACC Supported Entry, BOW for a 5 pt major! Shown by his Breeder/Owner/Handler Debra, QuailRidge. DM Normal

Boris's Winning Record
CH QuailRidge's Colt Forty Five of Carob
CH. QuailRidge Mesquite Mudslinger
x Ch CH. QuailRidge Crystal Pistol.

Colt is pictured 2 years a New Champion! At 9 months of age, at an ACC Supported Show, Colt went Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes, then Best of Winners both days earning two 4pt majors!

Colt's OFA/CERF/DM Normal by Parentage

EIC-Normal, PRA-Normal

Colt's Winning Record
Gold Grand CH                "Max"
CH QuailRidge's Top Dee O Gee Maxamilian

Max accomplished 2013:
* #5 All Breed CBR
* #6 Breed CBR
* #2 Lifetime Grand Champion
* #5 2012 Grand Champion
Max accomplished 2012:
* #2 All Breed CBR
* #7 Breed CBR
* #2 Lifetime Grand Champion
* #4 2012 Grand Champion
Max accomplished 2011:
* #7 Lifetime Grand CH Points
* #8 2011 Grand CH Points
* #7 CBR in Breed Points 2011
* #9 National CH Standings 2011
* #13 All Breed CBR 2011
* Invited to 2011 Eukanuba Invitational
* Silver Grand Champion
Max accomplished 2010:
* 2nd CBR to become a Grand CH
* #6 All Breed CBR 2010
* #5 National CH Standings 2010
* #6 CBR in Breed Points 2010
* Invited to 2010 Eukanuba Invitational
Max is owned by Cheryl and Craig Macina, Bred By Debra/QuailRidge
Max's Winning Record
Silver Grand CH
CH Quail Ridge's "Dakota"

CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger
x CH QuailRidge's Sausalito

Dakota is pictured here 7 years! Dakota A Bronze Grand Champion, qualified for the Eukanuba Invitational 2011, here Dakota getting a Group 3 AOH, and a Sporting Group #3! Shown in 2013 as a Veteran Dakota was #16 in both Lifetime and 2013 Grand Championship Standings #18 in the Breed Standings. Owned Shown, and Handled by Owner Cheryl Macina.

Dakota's Pedigree
Dakota's Winning Record

Updated April 9, 2014

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QuailRidge Kennel is dedicated to breeding the"well-rounded" Chesapeake Bay Retriever with focus on good temperament, show conformation, hunt ability, obedience, and the best companion!

A breeder of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1985, on the pages of this web site are pictures of Chesapeake's doing what they are bred for Hunting, Show Competition, Obedience, and Great Companions!

QuailRidge Kennel is located in Paso Robles, CA. This is in Central Coastal California mid-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are approximately 3 hours from either city. Any questions? Email

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